Charity of the month

15 percent of Each months profits will be donated to a new charity every month

February 2021


LGBTQ Freedom Fund

"LGBTQ Freedom Fund posts bail to secure the safety and liberty of individuals in U.S. jails and immigration facilities.

We work to build a critical mass against the mass detention of LGBTQ individuals — a tangle of discrimination and poverty disproportionately puts them behind bars."

Past Fundraising Projects 

Past Fundraising Projects 

"Our mission is to connect Black individuals and families with free mental health services — by professional Black therapists to support their mental health" 

Charity of the month - January 2021


Back in October 2018 for Mental Health Awareness day Betty, artist behind Panda and Possum Adventures, launched a new t-shirt design to help raise awareness and money for two charities, Mind and Mental Health Foundation.

Half the money raised will be split between these two amazing charities, while the other half goes into the Panda and Possum Adventures fund to be used for future projects like this as well as free giveaways and care packages to further promote self care and mental well-being.

Chest Check - Breast Cancer fundraiser


In September 2020 I created an illustration which displayed various steps to check your chest for abnormalities that may indicate cancer, making sure to be inclusive of many body types and donating all proceeds to Worcestershire Breast Unity Haven (cancer charity)

Find out more about this charity Here